What's Your Floor Plan Choice?

Dated: 07/22/2019

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Buying New or Resale- Choose the RIGHT floor plan for you!

I was speaking with a client the other day about the importance of having separate rooms for kitchen, dining, living and family to accommodate all their current furniture even though they had decided to downsize their overall living space. It was then that I was reminded that not all people want that open great room feel that so many people are after. I guess this is why builders offer an array of different floor plans.

If you are considering resale you may be limited to just what is currently on the market and have to keep searching for the right home or settle for what is available and make it work. When buying a home if you are looking to buy new you can choose a floor plan that fits your needs because most builders provide a few different choices of floor plans considering that buyer’s tastes differ. Decide with each room what you are looking for so it reflects the lifestyle you are living.

Consider whether or not you are interested in a great room for entertaining, or you are more of a formal separate dining and living room plus a family room kind of person. Contemplate where these rooms are located and what purpose they will have for you and your needs.

Do you have to have 4 bedrooms or can you make do with 3 bedroom and a den or loft? How important is a single story or two story home to the needs of your family?

Do you eat regularly at the table or are you considering more of an informal kitchen with a large island that you can place bar stools for every day dining, or does a breakfast nook with a window view appeal more to your senses. Do you cook or bake a lot? Entertain? How much space do you need in your kitchen to be efficient at what you are trying to accomplish? Do you eat out a lot and would rather a smaller kitchen with more living space in other parts of the home?

Do you have kids and what are their ages? Are they Young kids that want to be where the action is and don’t spend too much time in their own room? Are they teenagers who only want to spend time in their room and need the space to accommodate this? Are they sharing a bathroom? Do you need more than one sink, a separate door for toilet and shower to accommodate them? What about separate entries from each room like a Jack and Jill bathroom can offer.

Do you wind down in your master bedroom at night? Or work out in the morning? Do you need extra space to get ready? Or do you just use the bathroom and climb into bed at night with no need for a large master sitting area because you prefer the space be out in your living area?

How much time do you spend outdoors? Is the porch or patio a significant size if you are choosing to entertain? Most new builds do not come standard with backyard landscaping. What plans do you have for your backyard? Are the homes you are looking at providing adequate space to fit your needs? Will you buy a house with a pool or put one in? If so you may want to consider the closest bathroom to outside and if there is a separate entrance or what type of flooring will be encroached upon every time someone needs to come inside from the pool, wet and dripping.

Make a list. Write down 3 columns, a NEED- (must have) column, a WANT (would make my life a whole lot easier) column and a BONUS (if I had these things I would live here forever) column. Remember this list and your budget may not always mesh. So writing it down and planning ahead might save a lot of stress and headache while shopping for the right home. Also remember to consult with a Realtor that is working for you, not just the builder to help you make the right decision for you, show you the homes that fit your needs and negotiate on your behalf when home shopping and making deals.

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What's Your Floor Plan Choice?

Buying New or Resale- Choose the RIGHT floor plan for you!I was speaking with a client the other day about the importance of having separate rooms for kitchen, dining, living and family to

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