Escape the Heat with Your Own Pool

Dated: 04/15/2019

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Whether moving to or currently living in Arizona one thing that many homeowners desire…their very own pool! That oasis to escape the heat of the day, relax in the evening or entertain friends and family. There is something soothing, appealing and refreshing about water that can easily take away the stress of the day, relieve the heat of the summer or sooth the mind and spirit.

Many buyers dream of that sparkling pool out their back patio and some won’t buy a home without it! There are so many options when it comes to pools; plaster, pebble-tech, pebble-sheen, chlorine, and salt-water… just to name a few. Do you add waterfalls and features, a grotto, a slide, a hot tub? How deep do you want the pool to be? Is this a play pool or a diving pool? There are so many options to consider.

Prices can vary if you are building your own pool, from acquiring your own contractors and doing the work yourself, to hiring a reputable pool company to design, build and install the pool for you. Do you use a large company or a smaller company to do the work? How many people do you interview? In any case your bill can set you back $25,000-$100,000’s of dollars depending on your creativity and desires. What is your goal? What is your budget? These are few things to think about before building a pool or buying a home if a pool is a must.

Several of the new home builders are again offering the option to put a pool in when you purchase their home. This will help prevent any future issues obtaining financing to put in a pool at a later time. Just make sure the upgrades you chose in the home and the cost of the pool are within reason for the subdivision you have chosen and you are not paying more for the home as a package then it is worth, unless you are planning to stay for a long time. Make sure to talk this over with the home builder, your Realtor and your lender to ensure your home will still appraise for your purchase price. There is nothing worse than paying to over-improve a home in a subdivision where you will not get your money back out. If you plan on living there a long time it may be worth it for you to have what you want and enjoy it. Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball to predict what the market will be like when you are ready to sell. In real estate, your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, when you are ready to sell.

Remember don’t forget to look at resale homes when you are interested in purchasing a pool. A resale homeowner that already has a pool and may have spent $25,000-$60,000 on this luxury might be the better choice for value for you. Most appraisers will give a value between $10,000-$18,000 for an existing pool depending on the area the home is in and the elaboration of the pool itself. This is also something you can discuss with your Realtor- (what is the market value of resale pools in the area you are buying/living, it could be different from one city to the next town). That is a steal compared to what they originally paid. You may also want to consider hiring a pool company to inspect the pool for current/future issues and make sure if you are getting a home warranty that the pool and all its parts are covered under your plan, to lessen the cost if something goes wrong.

You may also consider hiring a pool service which typically costs $80-$100 per month. Most services stop by once a week and include cleaning and chemicals. These service companies also check to make sure your pool is running efficiently, can often catch issues before they break down, can make suggestions for maintenance and may offer discounts for repairs.

With all this said, make sure that whether purchasing a home to eventually put in a pool, or a home with an existing pool you make a list of all your potential questions, needs, and concerns. Discuss your list with your Realtor and a pool builder or maintenance person so they can help you make the best informed decision for your needs. Not everyone’s needs are created equally, and what worked for a friend may not always be your best option. Do your own research and interview more than one company to build your pool, if you are considering putting one in rather than buying a home with an existing pool.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy knowing you’ve made the right decision for you floating in your pool on a hot summer day!

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Escape the Heat with Your Own Pool

Whether moving to or currently living in Arizona one thing that many homeowners desire…their very own pool! That oasis to escape the heat of the day, relax in the evening or entertain friends

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