Are you a tub or a shower person?

Dated: 05/10/2019

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I was out showing homes to two best friends, both South Dakota natives, one living in Arizona since the 1970’s and another looking for a home this year to join her in our sunshine state leaving her currently more expensive state of California where she has been calling home for years.

It was interesting to go through homes with the two of them and their differences of opinion in the options included in a home. One huge difference of opinion I observed was their master bathroom of choice. One would insist on filling up a huge soaking tub, laying back with a good book and a large glass of wine. The other prefers a over-sized ornately decorated walk in shower with all the bells and whistles you could imagine. Neither opinion right or wrong but unique to the individual.

This made me smile that there are so many options in both new and resale homes, it is hard to tell what someone is going to like. So many people try to predict when selling a home what the latest trends are and what will best sell their home. I often respond by telling them it just depends on the person. It will sell to the right person for what the seller has. Not everyone has the same taste and it isn’t always necessary to change something based on current trends.

One study shows the number one current major feature even for some top builders is moving away from the once desired large oval soaking tubs to the ultimate over-sized shower experience. To create this desired sensual experience, showers are being built complete with multiple shower heads, rain like shower heads, sprayers and warming lamps. Most people’s lifestyles today don’t allow them to take the time in the bathtub they would like and want that same pampering feel from their shorter shower experience. Not to mention a soaking tub that becomes a dust collector! However, some people still want that escape that the tub provides and will not buy a house without one!

If you are looking for the shower experience and currently have a bathroom that is lacking. These ultimate showers are on the upward trend. The increasing popularity that was once only seen as a million-dollar home luxury can be affordable for even the average re-modeler, depending on how elaborate you want to go. Consult a plumber or contractor to find out how easily this can be done in your space.

Clients often ask my opinion on what features are better for resale value and there definitely is some truth to that, however don't buy a house solely based on resale value and not like it while you are living there! Just like the two women that I had out, both best friends but with extremely varying opinions… make sure any changes made are what you want, you are of course the one who is living in the home currently… enjoy it. 

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